Venkatram has won the “Best Violinist” award several times at the annual conference of the prestigious Madras Music Academy.

In 2002, he was awarded “Parur Sundaram Iyer Award for Senior violinist”. As an accompanist he is well known for his ability to blend with the main performer in a subtle and unobtrusive manner and thereby, complement the main performer. His musical approach is characterized by depth, maturity and knowledge.

Some of the Excerpts from well known critics in newspapers:

"Supporting violinist [to Sangeetha Kalanidhi D.K.Pattammal], H. K. Venkatram deserves special kudos. Apart from the smooth instrumental tone and the understanding support, the solo turns were appreciable"
- BVK Sastry, Deccan Herald, 12 Aug 1994

"The veteran [Sangeetha Kalanidhi Sri.Semmangudi Sreenivasa Iyer] was teamed up with a young and talented player, H. K.Venkatram to produce exhilarating music. He was a great motivator, drawing the best from the young violinist"
- Dr. M Surya Prasad, The Hindu, 30 Dec 1994

"Sanjay Subrahmanyan had a superb violin accompanist in H. K. Venkatram. His phrasings in the bar strings went straight into the heart."
- Subbudu, Indian Express, December 1993

“The Nalinakanti expansion by the vocalist and the young violinist H.K.Venkataram evoked a warm response.  ..The violinist displayed a rare sensitivity in handling delicate vivadhi ragas with consummate skill.
- The Hindu, Jan 2003

"H.K.Venkatram demonstrated his keen musical sense against any crude interpretation and his versions of kedaragowla and kalyani had a deep undertone and resonance. One great factor in his art is that there is no ambiguity at any stage".
- SR, Times of India, 21 Sep 1994

Violinist H K Venkataram's delineation of raga with rich and weighty prayogas and kalpana swaras was enriching. In sum it was a vintage stuff.
- Mysore V Subramanya, Deccan Herald, May 2004

The Nalinakanti expansion by the vocalist Nookala Chinnasathyanaraya and the young violinist H.K.Venkataram evoked a warm response. The violinist displayed a rare sensitivity in handling delicate vivadhi ragas with consummate skill.
- The Hindu, Jan 2003

Madurai Sri T. N. Seshagopalan's Sydney concert (Pallavi) was truly breathtaking.  In a performance that lasted just under four hours, Sri Seshagopalan demonstrated his expertise in all aspects of Carnatic music.  Whether it was krithi rendition, raga alapana, swara singing or pallavi rendition, he excelled. The accompanying artises, H. K. Venkatram and Umayalpuram Mali provided excellent support.  It was unobtrusive and subtle.  Venkatram's raga expositions in Kalyani and Saveri were dignified and his swara prastharas in Varamu and Kapi were most attractive.  He was able to quickly match TNS in the extensive swara-ragamalika section.
- Sydney Concert , 1998

“The inaugural concert by the ensemble H.K.Venkatram (violin) G. Ravikiran (flute) and Ashwin Anand (veena) in the Sri Krishna Gana Sabha Gokulakshtami series was classic in content and exhilarating for the listeners. There was exquisite harmony and not a note was out of place in their joint interpretative presentation. It was the uniform gracefulness linked to high standard that compelled rapt attention. There was no assertiveness or over-indulgence in their exposition but an elegant persuasive amiability.
If good music is one that lingers in the hearts of listeners, the kutcheri by Venkatram and his team mates had to be saluted as exceptionally brilliant. The kutcheri was one of substance by the judicious selection of songs. It was a cohesive exposition of violin maturity, flute fluidity and veena delicacy.”
- Review by SVK in The Hindu: Inaugural concert during Gokulashtami Series held at Krishna Gana Sabha --2007