HK Venkatram is one of the most accomplished and sought after violinist in the Carnatic Music field. He has accompanied many top-ranking musicians including Sriyuths Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, Dr. M Balamuralikrishna, RK Srikanthan, KV Narayanaswamy, DK Pattammal, Dr M L Vasanthakumari, Kadri Gopalnath, Dr N Ramani, TN Seshagopalan, TV Sankaranarayanan, Trichur V. Ramachandran, Chitravina N. Ravikiran, Mandolin U. Srinivas, Sanjay Subrahmanayam, TM Krishna and others.

Venkatram has accompanied many stalwarts like Sangita Kalanidhi Nendanuri Krishnamurthy, Sangita Kalanidhi, Dr N Ramani, Sanjay Subrahmanyam and Mandolin U Shrinivas in the Music Academy. Venkatram has won several "Best Violinist" awards in the Annual Conference of the prestigious Madras Music Academy including the "Parur Sundaram Iyer Award for Senior Violinist” in the year 2002. Venkatram has been featured as a "Trendsetter" in a column (by the same name) in The Hindu, penned by SVK, to project and profile young and gifted musicians. In Oct 2004, Venkatram was awarded the title ‘Ganakala Shree’ by the prestigious Karnataka Gana Kala Parishath for his achievements in the field of Carnatic Music. He has also received the “Satyashre Prashasthi” from Vani Institute of Music.

HK Venkatram is known for his deep understanding of nuances of Carnatic Music and adherence to classicism. Venkatram accepts and understands his role as a violin accompanist. He blends with the main performer in a subtle and unobtrusive manner and thereby, complements the main performer. His playing is characterized by depth, knowledge, sincerity and maturity. In his own words, as reported in the "Trendsetters" article by SVK in The Hindu, Venkatram says, "Personally, I prefer gamaka-based music. But as an accompanist I have to reflect the style of the vocalists to the extent possible and, at the same time, reveal my musical idioms".

Venkatram and his family run an Institution in Bangalore called the Vijaya College of Music (established since 1953). He teaches few senior students during his spare time. His wife Triveni is also a professional musician and along with her sister sings vocal duets (Known as the Saralaya Sisters).

HK. Venkatram works for Intel Corporation as Director of an Intel Architecture Group in India.

His involvement in the Information Technology has helped Venkatram to make the best use of those technologies in the field of Carnatic Music. In 1999, Venkatram released a multimedia CD on Tyagaraja's Ghana Raga Pancharatnam during the Tyagaraja Festival held in Cleveland, USA. The CD featured multimedia presentation on Life and Times of Saint Tyagaraja as well as audio tracks of Panchratnam songs with music notation and translation. Recently he published a book, 'Tyagaraja Vachanamrita' with text, transliteration and translation of popular Tyagaraja's compositions (Book is authored by Sri S Krishnamurthy and Sri TN Padmanabhan). He has effectively utilized the modern form of communication to take Carnatic Music to the masses. He has presented comprehensive multimedia presentations on the Life and Works of Muthuswamy Dikshithar and also documentaries on several doyens of Carnatic music.